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Johnson Structo Cast Rafter Angle Square
Johnson Structo-Cast Series RAS-70B-ORAN Rafter Square, Plastic, 7 in L
Our Price: $5.69

As a saw guide, stair layout tool or rafter tool, Johnson's 7 in rafter square will help you get the job done accurately and easily. It features Johnson's unique Structo-Cast? molded frame that is both lightweight and durable as well as permanent molded graduations for making quick and easy measurements. This rafter square comes with handy markers that measure 2x4 board dimensions of 1-1/2 in, 3 in and 3-1/2 in. And you'll always find this square quickly in your toolbox thanks to its fluorescent, easy-to-see color. more info
Empire 296 Rafter Square, 0.125 in Graduation, Polycast, 7 in L
Our Price: $5.69

Empire Rafter Square, Graduation: 0.125 in, Measuring Angle: 90 deg, Polycast, Yellow, 7 in L more info
Swanson Speedlite T0118 High Visibility Square
Swanson Speedlite Series TO118 Square, 8 in L, 8 in W
Our Price: $5.99

The 8 in Speedlite? square is formed from lightweight, high-impact structural composite and is available in matte gray, high-visibility yellow and high-visibility orange. It's basically the same as the one and only Speed? square but is also great for use with siding and other delicate materials, since it won't mar soft finishes. Plus, its 8 in size means it's ideal for marking cuts in 8 in siding. Look for the Diamond?. more info
Quick Square 46-060 Pocket Square
Stanley Quick Square Series 46-060 Pocket Square, SAE Graduation, ABS, 6-7/8 in L
Our Price: $6.49

Works as a rafter square, try square, protract or a power saw guide. Lightweight compact heavy-duty ABS plastic body fits conveniently into pocket or tool belt. Detailed instruction book included. more info
Swanson Speedlite T0111NEW Level Square
Swanson Speedlite Series TO111NEW Level Square, 8 in L, 8 in W
Our Price: $8.99

The 8 in Speedlite? level square is the only 8 in Speed? square on the market and also functions as a torpedo level and angle finder. It has many of the same features as the one and only Speed? square, but is constructed of lightweight high-impact composite. more info
Great Neck Saw 11059 Rafter Angle Square
GreatNeck 11059 Rafter Square, Aluminum, 7 in L, 7.1 in W
Our Price: $8.99

Use for quick and accurate measuring of rafter and angle layout. Includes instruction booklet. more info
Swanson Speedlite T0701 High Visibility Square
Swanson Big 12 Speedlite T0701 Square, Plastic, 12 in L, 12 in W
Our Price: $9.99

The orange Big 12? Speedlite? square has the same basic features as the aluminum Big 12? Speed? square, but it is constructed of lightweight high-impact structural composite. The weight savings alone is great, but this tool is also ideal for use with siding and other delicate materials, since it will not mar softer finishes. more info
Johnson RAS-1B Professional Rafter Square
Our Price: $10.99

Features a solid aluminum cast body with exclusive CNC machined edges, permanent molded gradations, and a low-glare, protective coat finish; thick edge is useful as a saw guide; continuous scribing notches ideal for ripping at 3-1/2" and 5-1/2". Can also be used as a ruler or can be used to measure angles. The diagonal edge has markings for laying out rafters, roof trim, and stair angles. more info
Quick Square 46-067 Square Layout Tool
Stanley Quick Square Series 46-067 Layout Tool, SAE Graduation, Aluminum, 6-3/4 in L
Our Price: $10.99

Functions as a saw guide, for special angle measurements and cuts or as a protractor. Aluminum construction for durability. Includes detailed instruction book. more info
Empire Magnum 2990 Rafter Square
Empire 2990 Rafter Square, Aluminum, 7 in L
Our Price: $11.99

Solid heavy-duty aluminum extruded square will not bend, break, rust or corrode. Stamped conversion tables and thick edge makes for a safer saw guide. more info
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