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Stanley STHT77148 Level Laser, 10 ft
Our Price: $35.99

Raised bubble vials, wall laser and 360 deg rotating wall attachment. 10 ft distance. more info
CST Manual Square Laser Level
Bosch GTL2 Square Laser Level, 30 ft, +/-1/2 in Accuracy, 2-Beam
Our Price: $69.99

Bosch introduces the new GTL2 laser level square. Project horizontal and vertical laser chalk Lines to help you square, align and angle at 90 deg. more info
Bosch BT 150 Tripod
Our Price: $79.99

The Bosch BT 150 compact tripod with adjustable legs allows the user to work at precise heights ranging from 22 to 61 in The tripod has a fine adjustment crank that allows for quick setup with the benchmark. The compact and lightweight BT 150 tripod is easy to store and transport. The 1/4 in mounting thread makes it compatible with Bosch line lasers, point lasers and laser measures. more info
Bosch GLL 30 Cross-Line Laser, 30 ft, +/-5/16 in at 30 ft Accuracy, 2-Line
Our Price: $79.99

The Bosch GLL 30 self-leveling cross-line laser projects two lines, making a cross-line projection, for a wide array of level and align uses. This versatility makes it more valuable than a typical line laser. With top-notch accuracy and one-switch operation, the user's leveling and alignment tasks are done quickly and correctly. The laser lines are visible up to 30 ft. The smart pendulum system self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition to help ensure an accurate layout and it locks the lines at any angle. The pendulum system locks when switched off, to assure secure tool transport. The included MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device provides microfine height adjustment and it allows the laser to be clamped on virtually any surface from 1/2 to 2-1/4 in thick, for level lines at any height. more info
Bosch BT160 Contractor's Tripod, 38 in Min H, 63 in Max H, 5/8-11 Mounting, Aluminum
Our Price: $94.99

The Bosch BT160 contractors' tripod is designed for exterior use with A rotary laser on the job site. It features A universal flat head, string hook for a plumb bob and is lightweight for easy transportation on the job site. more info
DeWALT DW0737 Construction Tripod, 38 in Min H, 60 in Max H, 5/8 x 11 in Mounting, Aluminum
Our Price: $99.99

The DW0737 construction tripod has a lightweight, durable aluminum construction and is easy to transport. Features flat head design and pointed steel feet are stable on any terrain. more info
Bosch LR 6 Line Laser Receiver, 165 ft
Our Price: $119.99

The Bosch LR 6 line laser receiver allows users of the GCL 2-160 self-leveling cross-line laser to receive the line further, with precision. The LR 6 makes line laser detection possible at distances up to 165 ft and it extends its operation outdoors, in bright-light conditions or catches beams midair when there is no surface to see the beam on. The receiver's dual-sided LED arrow indicators make the receiver more flexible and it has a volume-adjustable audio signal that give clear on-grade position indication and an accuracy button for fine or coarse adjustment. For mounting options, the receiver has built-in heavy-duty magnets that securely attach to metal surfaces, allowing easy setup on suspended-ceiling installations. The LR 6 includes a click-in mounting bracket, for simple and secure assembly, especially to a leveling rod. more info
BullsEye BDL190S Auto Laser Level
Black+Decker Bull's Eye Series BDL190S Auto Leveling Laser with Stud Sensor, 100 ft, 1-1/8 in Accuracy, 2-Beam
Our Price: $119.99

Great for hanging frames and much more, the Bulls Eye? auto-leveling laser is 2 tools in one. A level projects a horizontal laser level line for precise measurements and a stud sensor detects wood, metal studs and live A/C wires behind walls. more info
DeWALT DW08802-QU Cross Line Laser Level, 40 ft, 1/4 in Accuracy, 2-Beam, Red Laser
Our Price: $139.99

The DeWALT? red cross line laser level is great for various applications from framing a house to basic remodeling. The locking pendulum and over-mold housing allows for drop protection which is a major concern on most jobsites. The magnetic bracket and hang hole allow for various mounting options. more info
Bosch LR8 Line Laser Level Receiver, Plastic
Our Price: $139.99

The Bosch LR8 line laser receiver allows user to receive the line farther, with precision. It works with green beam and red beam lines. When used with the GLL3-330GC or GLL3-330C laser, the LR8 extends the working range up to 330 ft Dia used with the GLL3-300, the receiver extends the working range to 300 ft Dia and with the GCL 2-160, up to 165 ft. The LR8 works outdoors, features an oversized receiver for fast reception and finding the center line and can catch beams midair. The oversized backlit LCD display offers easy viewing. The dual-sided LED arrow indicators make the receiver more flexible. It has a volume adjustable audio signal, built-in heavy-duty magnets that securely attach to metal surfaces and a click-in mounting bracket for leveling rods. more info
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