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Thomas & Betts B708-SHK Ceiling Pan Box
Carlon B708-SHK Pan Box, 1/2 in L, PVC, Blue
Our Price: $6.99

Shallow ceiling fan outlet box with mounting screws. 1 integral clamp. Non-conductive high impact lightweight PVC. 5 knock outs, 8 cu-in capacity. For new work or renovations. Mounts ceiling fan securely to the ceiling joist. Rated for fans up to 35 lb and fixture up to 50 lb. 4 in Dia x 5/8 in D. UL listed. more info
Raco 7120 Ceiling Fan Box
Raco 7120 Ceiling Box, 4 in W, 1-1/2 in D, 4 in H, Polycarbonate, Black
Our Price: $7.59

Round polycarbonate, 4 in Dia, 12.5 cu-in black non-metallic ceiling fan support saddle box, used in new work to mount a ceiling fan or heavy light fixture. Supports a 70 lb fan or 210 lb fixture. Saddle design straddles standard joist. Hands-free installation. 1/2 in setback. Two 1/2 in knock outs on the side. Four cable clamps, mounting hardware, instructions and high-strength, hardened screws included. 2 hrs fire rating, UL Orange Book. UL listed. more info
Thomas & Betts B720R-SHK Ceiling Fan Box
Carlon B720R-SHK Ceiling Fan Box, 2-5/16 in D, 1 -Gang, PVC, Blue
Our Price: $9.99

Non-conductive high impact lightweight PVC. Full 20 cu-in capacity. 6 integral clamps. 4 in Dia x 2-1/4 in D. Used for new work or renovations. Rated for fans up to 35 lb and fixture up to 50 lb. Mounts fan to a cross member secured between ceiling joist. Mounting screws included. UL listed. more info
Allied Moulded 9350-BHK Ceiling Box
fiberglassBOX 9350-BHK Ceiling Box, 4 in W, 4 in D, 2-7/16 in H, Thermoset Fiberglass, Beige/Tan
Our Price: $10.99

Four inch round ceiling box with universal bar hanger, adjustable bar assembly from 16 to 24 in. 4 in Dia x 2-7/16 in D. Speed clamps, 50 lb. fixture rated. 2 hrs wall and ceiling fire rated, UL listed. more info
Smart Box MSBFAN Fan and Fixture Support Box, 4 in W, 2-3/4 in D, 3-7/8 in H, 1 -Gang, 6 -Knockout, Polycarbonate
Our Price: $11.99

Quicker to install than a nail on box. Easily removed without creating damage to wall. Extra thick wall material creates stability and rigidity. Excellent solution for old work and retrofit applications. Heavy-duty design for support of moving loads. Extra deep for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or paddle fan components. more info