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Fulton 400SHB Light Duty Saw Horse Bracket
Fulton 400SHB Sawhorse Bracket, Light-Duty, Steel, Enamel-Coated, For: 2 x 4 in Lumber
Our Price: $7.59

All steel construction. Riveted bracket for added strength and flared nail holes for fast take-down. Four nail holes on top double holding power to prevent separation from rail. Black enamel finish. more info
Fulton 300SHB Saw Horse Bracket
Fulton 300SHB Sawhorse Bracket, Medium-Duty, Steel, Enamel-Coated, For: 2 x 4 in Lumber
Our Price: $9.99

All steel construction. Riveted bracket for added structural strength and featuring flared nail holes for quick and easy disassembling. For use with standard 2x4's. Black enamel finish. more info
Fulton 100SHB Saw Horse Bracket
Fulton 100SHB Sawhorse Bracket, Heavy-Duty, Steel, Enamel-Coated, For: 2 x 4 in Lumber
Our Price: $25.99

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel. No nails, screws, bolts or miter cuts on legs required. For use with standard 2x4's. Wingnut locks legs and rail firmly in place. more info
Hopkins Pro Bracket Sawhorse
2x4basics 90194 Bracket Sawhorse, Structural Resin
Our Price: $28.99

It's easy, simple assembly in minutes requires only a powered screwdriver and a saw. Only straight, 90 deg cuts are required, no miters or angles. Just add 2x4's? to the 2x4basics? ProBrackets to make a very well-built sawhorse up to 8 ft long and 4 ft high. Because you add the lumber, you are no longer limited to a "Standard" size sawhorse. By making your sawhorses wider or by utilizing the lower shelf, you can purchase only two ProBrackets for jobs that would require four or more standard sized sawhorses. Cutting 4 x 8 sheets of plywood or priming wood trim has never been easier. Made of heavy-gauge structural resin and assembled with rugged 2x4's?, ProBrackets can support up to 20,00 lb per pair. more info
Fulton TS-11 Portable Lightweight Folding Sawhorse
Fulton TS-11 Folding Sawhorse, 1000 lb, 32-1/2 in W, 29-1/4 in H, Steel
Our Price: $34.99

Supports up to 1000 lb. Rust-resistant galvanized steel. Folds easily for storage. Locking legs to support big jobs. Open size of 32-1/2 in L x 29-1/4 in H. Collapsed size of 6 in x 8 in x 31-1/2 in. more info
FatMax STST60952 Twin Pack Folding Saw Horse
Fatmax STST60952 Folding Sawhorse, 800 lb, 5 in W, 32 in H, 22-1/2 in D, Plastic, Black
Our Price: $44.99

Lightweight, compact, easy to transport and store, the STANLEY? junior folding sawhorses are capable of holding up to 800 lb per pair. more info
FatMax STST11151 Single Fold Up Saw Horse
Fatmax STST11151 Fold-Up Sawhorse, 800 lb, 4 in W, 5 in H, 40 in D, Metal/Polypropylene, Gray
Our Price: $55.99

The STANLEY? fold up sawhorse features a portable, integrated handle or shoulder strap to allow carrying wherever needed. more info
FatMax 060864R Twin Pack Folding Saw Horse
Stanley 060864R Portable Folding Sawhorse, 1000 lb, 2-1/8 in W, 32 in H, 26-7/8 in D, Plastic
Our Price: $64.99

The Stanley portable folding sawhorse secures your sawing surface and is collapsible for easy transporting and storage. When used as a pair, this lightweight and sturdy sawhorse twin pack can hold 1000 lb. Built-in work holding channels keep materials securely in place and added multi-purpose side hangers allow for quick access to extension cables. more info
FatMax 011031S Adjustable Folding Saw Horse
Fatmax 011031S Adjustable Leg Sawhorse, 2500 lb, 2-1/8 in W, 32 to 39 in H, 27-3/16 in D, Polypropylene
Our Price: $64.99

The STANLEY? Fatmax? adjustable leg sawhorse allows for the legs to be adjusted separately, enabling the sawhorse to stand on uneven surfaces. This solid sawhorse is made from high-quality, sturdy polypropylene and steel and has rubber inserts for added stability. Its unique slide mechanism provides for easy, smooth adjustment. more info
FatMax STST60626 Adjustable Saw Horse
Fatmax STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse, 1000 lb, 2-7/8 in W, 31-1/8 in H, 28-1/8 in D, Plastic, Black
Our Price: $84.99

With the ergonomic 2 ways adjustable sawhorse, changing the height and width of your sawhorse is easy and fast. Plus, it folds, which helps you to save valuable workroom space. more info
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