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Bosch GXS18V-15N15 Starter Kit, 18 V Battery, 4 Ah, 1.1 hr Charging
Our Price: $179.99

The Bosch GXS18V-15N15 CORE18V compact starter kit delivers next-gen battery performance and a charger. The CORE18V compact battery is the next-gen Lithium-Ion battery to keep the power and runtime, while losing the weight. Engineered with 21700 cell technology, the GBA18V40 single-layer battery matches the power from the original two-layer 4 Ah battery with improved performance per cell. The Bosch GAL18V-40 charger can completely charge a discharged CORE18V 4 Ah battery to 80% in 48 min and to a full charge in about an hour. This dual-stage charger charges the first 80% in standard charging mode and the remaining 20% in long-life mode getting users back to work quickly. It features charging indicator lights showing when the battery is in standard mode, long-life mode or finished charging. The battery provides exclusive coolpack 2 technology to manage the heat of the higher power-density cells and it provides better cooling than the previous 4 Ah double-layer versions. more info
Milwaukee 48-59-1850 Battery Starter Kit, 18 V Battery, 5 Ah
Our Price: $239.99

Delivers up to 2.5X more run-time, 20% more power and 2X more life than standard Lithium-Ion batteries. The M18? REDLITHIUM? XC 5 extended capacity battery pack features great pack construction, electronics and performance to deliver more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than any battery on the market. The M18? REDLITHIUM? XC 5 battery features an advanced design, protecting the pack against harsh jobsite environments. This protection routes water away from the electronics and out of the battery pack, extends run-time and life by minimizing heat and prevents pack failures from vibration or drops. This unique to Milwaukee? design also allows the battery to operate in extreme cold weather conditions (below 0 deg F/-18 deg C). Managed by Milwaukee's exclusive REDLINK? Intelligence, the battery features overload protection to prevent you from damaging your cordless power tools in heavy-duty situations, while the discharge protection prevents cell damage. It also provides full system compatibility with 60+ M18? cordless solutions. Upgrade to the M18? REDLITHIUM? XC 5 Battery Pack to instantly increase the run-time and durability of your M18? cordless tools. more info
Milwaukee 48-59-1880 Starter Kit, 120 VAC Input, 18 V Output, 8 Ah, 60 min Charge, 1-Battery
Our Price: $299.99

Our M18? REDLITHIUM? HIGH OUTPUT? XC8.0 starter kit provides you with 50% more power and runs 50% cooler vs our other M18? REDLITHIUM? XC battery packs. The optimized combination of smaller size and increased power of the 18 V battery provides you with a great solution for the entire range of M18? products. The lithium-ion battery delivers fade-free power and runs substantially cooler through heavy applications, allowing you to push your cordless power tools throughout a wide application range. The M18? XC8.0 battery provides you with increased power in extreme-cold weather conditions (below 0 deg F/-18 deg C) and delivers more work per charge, driving corded replacement. The REDLITHIUM? HIGH OUTPUT? XC8.0 extended capacity battery is fully compatible with all 175+ Milwaukee? M18? solutions. Our M18? & M12? Multi-Voltage Charger accepts all of our M18? and M12? batteries, so you'll always be prepared and productive, especially on jobs that require a mix of M12? and M18? Milwaukee cordless power tools. The battery charger communicates directly with your battery pack to monitor cell voltage, temperature and charge status to ensure a full charge. As an added level of communication, the charger indicates when the lithium-ion battery reaches an 80% charge, providing you with confidence that your battery can complete a substantial amount of work without waiting for a full charge. more info
Milwaukee M18 REDLITHIUM 48-59-1200 Battery and Charger Starter Kit, 120 VAC Input, 18 V Output, 12 Ah, 2 hr Charge
Our Price: $349.99

The M18 REDLITHIUM? HIGH-OUTPUT? HD12.0 battery pack provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler versus M18? REDLITHIUM? HD9 battery packs. The massive increase in power elevates the performance of the entire M18? system and drives the next breakthrough in M18 FUEL?, generating the power of 15 A corded product. It delivers fade-free power and runs substantially cooler through heavy applications, allowing tradesmen to push their cordless tools harder and longer than ever before. more info