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Surform 21-398 Fine Cut File Blade
Stanley 21-398 Replacement Blade, Pocket Fine Cut Teeth, 1-5/8 in W, 5-1/2 in L, Steel
Our Price: $4.99

Produces a fine finish on hard woods, end grains and soft metals. Fits Sku #653.9068. more info
Surform 21-515 Curved Shaver Blade
Stanley 21-515 Shaver Curved Replacement Blade, 1-5/8 in W, 2-1/2 in L, Steel, For: 21-115 7-1/4 in Surform Shaver
Our Price: $4.99

Curved blade speeds up stock removal. Works on the pull stroke. Fits Sku #610.8419. more info
Surform 21-115 Regular Cut Shaver
Stanley Surform Series 21-115 Shaver, 1-5/8 in W Blade
Our Price: $6.99

Compact and lightweight polypropylene molded body with curved blade that is handy and efficient for stock removal. Sidecut teeth in blade useful for shaving in corners. Works on the pull stroke with click on blade replacement (110.8570). more info
Surform 21-293 Flat File Blade
Stanley 21-293 Flat Replacement Blade, Standard Cut Teeth, 1-5/8 in W, 10 in L, Steel
Our Price: $8.69

All-purpose flat blade for use on wood, vinyl, plaster, thermalite, fiberglass and linoleum. Used for working into edges, with teeth flush to the blade edge. Fits #650.0334 and #650.3585. more info
Surform 21-299 Half Round File Blade
Stanley 21-299 Replacement Blade, Half Round Regular Cut Teeth, 1-1/2 in W, 10 in L, Steel
Our Price: $8.99

Half-round convex blade used for faster stock removal and shaping curved surfaces. Used to work on fiberglass and removing filler (for cars and boats). Fits Sku #650.3585 and #650.0334. more info
Surform 21-399 Fine Cut Pocket Plane
Stanley Surform Series 21-399 Pocket Plane, 1-5/8 in W Blade
Our Price: $11.99

Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the 6 in Surform? pocket plane from Stanley? is ideal for many trimming and smoothing jobs. The plane's convenient compact size makes it easy to carry, while its die-cast alloy body ensures long-lasting durability and high performance. more info
Surform 21-295 Hand File 17-3/8 in L X 1-5/8 in W
Stanley Surform Series 21-295 Hand File
Our Price: $14.99

For use as a rasp on wood, plastic, soft metals and many other materials. Manufactured with a metallic gray, die-cast alloy body and high-impact polymer handle that holds up to heavy use. Includes replaceable (10 in/250 mm) blade. more info
Stanley Tools 21-297  Surform Round Files
Stanley Surform Series 21-297 Hand File
Our Price: $15.99

Useful for enlarging holes and smoothing curved surfaces for pipe installations in MDF, chipboard, drywall or laminates. Front grip can be easily removed for use in small holes. High-impact polymer handle with thumb support holds up to heavy use. Includes replaceable (10 in/250 mm) round blade. more info
Surform 21-296 Regular Cut Plane
Stanley Surform Series 21-296 Regular Cut Blade, Alloy Body, Gray
Our Price: $18.99

Resilient enough to be used on materials that would dull a traditional bench plane blade. Metallic-gray, die-cast alloy body with high-impact polymer handle that holds up to heavy use. Includes replaceable 10 in/250 mm blade. more info