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Accusharp Sharp N Easy 2-Step Knife Sharpener
Accusharp SharpNEasy 334CD Knife Sharpener, Coarse/Fine, Ceramic Abrasive, Rubber Handle
Our Price: $6.99

The SharpNEasy? 2-step ceramic knife sharpener is an innovative tool that everyone can use. The ceramic rods, dark for coarse and white for fine, are exactly what you need to care for and maintain your blades. The two stages allow for the proper angle every time by having two stationary ceramic rods molded into the base. The 2-step sharpener also has over molded grips. The over molding process allows the user to have a comfortable and secure grip while sharpening. The unit has a lanyard hole which allows for easy attachment to cord or string. more info
Accusharp 003 Sharpener Blade
Fortune Products 003 Sharpener Blade, Carbide
Our Price: $7.99

Fortune Products Sharpener Blade, Carbide, Suitable for: Accusharp Knife more info
Accusharp 001/C Utility Knife Sharpener
Accusharp 001C Knife Sharpener, Diamond-Honed Tungsten Carbide Abrasive, Plastic Handle
Our Price: $12.99

Sharpen knives (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes and many other cutting tools in about 10 secs. The large, ergonomic handle fits either hand and the full-length finger guard safely protects your fingers. The sharpening blades are diamond-honed tungsten carbide and provide years of reliable use. more info
AccusharpMount Utility Knife Sharpener
Accusharp SturdyMount Series 004C Utility Knife Sharpener, Plastic Handle
Our Price: $12.99

Accusharp SturdyMount Utility Knife Sharpener, Plastic Handle more info
Accusharp 030C Rod Sharpener, 280 Grit
Our Price: $14.99

The Accusharp diamond rod sharpener is a diamond coated steel rod used to sharpen all kinds of knives, including serrated edges. The retractable rod is engineered with a cone shaped end for serrations and tight spaces and features a groove for sharpening hooks and darts. more info
Accusharp 005C Knife Sharpener
Accusharp 005C Knife Sharpener, Tungsten Carbide Abrasive
Our Price: $17.99

The outdoor enthusiast can have the world's best knife and tool sharpener in this attractive camouflage design. With all the great features of the original Accusharp?, Accusharp? camo is a ideal gift for those who love the great outdoors. In about 10 secs, sharpen knives (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes and many other cutting tools. Remember, camo isn't just for hunters anymore. It's great for the toolbox, tackle box, gear bag or backpack. more info
Accusharp 036C Knife Sharpener, Fine, Diamond-Honed Tungsten Carbide Abrasive, Rubber Handle
Our Price: $23.99

The Accusharp pull-through knife sharpener is the go-to choice for sharpening and honing your blades. Whether you're working in the kitchen or in the workshop, this is the tool you need to keep your blades in peak cutting form. more info
Diamond Machining Tech. FSKC Diafold Sharpening Stones
DMT FSKC Sharpener, 4.44 in L, 45 um Grit, Coarse, Diamond Abrasive
Our Price: $35.99

The Diafold? Serrated knife sharpener is one tool for many tasks - an excellent value for home, shop and recreational use. It not only maintains serrated edges, but also serves as a mini-steel, gut hook sharpener and conical file. Offered in coarse, fine and extra-fine diamond-grits. more info
Smith'S CCKB 2-Step Handheld Knife Sharpener
Smith's CCKB Knife Sharpener, 1500 Grit, Coarse/Extra Fine, Carbide Abrasive, Yellow
Our Price: $129.99

Smith's 2-step knife sharpener features two tungsten carbide blades with pre-set angles to ensure the ideal edge every time. Three or four strokes through the carbide sharpening slots will restore the edge on a very dull knife. The two crossed ceramic rods also have pre-set angles and provide a smooth finished edge to already sharp knives. It is lightweight, portable, comes with a lanyard hole and has non-slip rubber feet for added safety. Excellent for use on all types of knives, especially filet knives. more info