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Norton 87715 Scythe Sharpening Stone
Norton 87715 Sharpening Stone, 10 in L, 5/16 in W, 3/4 in Thick, Coarse, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive
Our Price: $9.99

Produce a fast-cutting edge on sickles, scythes and brush hooks. These stones are the most frequently chosen where the speed of sharpening is the primary consideration. more info
Norton Crystolon Series 07660787730 Farm Tool Sharpener, 10 in L, 1-1/4 in W, 3/4 in Thick, Coarse
Our Price: $10.99

Built for work on sickles, scythes and brush hooks, the Norton crystolon farm tool sharpener is the choice for sharpening long arc shaped blades. With a coarse grit silicon carbide abrasive, rapidly and efficiently remove stock with ease. Retail-packaging allows for easy sale, transport to job sites and convenient storage. more info
Corona Clipper AC 8300 Sharpening Tool
CORONA AC 8300 Sharpening Tool, 5 in Abrasive, Non-Slip Handle
Our Price: $11.99

CORONA Sharpening Tool, 5 in Abrasive, Non-Slip Handle, Carbide more info
Norton 87938 Tool Sharpening Stone
Norton 87938 Sharpening Stone, 9-1/2 in L, 1-3/8 in W, 1/2 in Thick, Coarse/Medium, Silicone Carbide Abrasive
Our Price: $12.99

Norton retail-packaged sharpening stones bring the Craftsman quality to the consumer. Available for many popular sharpening applications, our retail sharpening stones will deliver longer product life and maximize sharpening effectiveness. more info
Accusharp Garden Sharp Tool Sharpener
Accusharp 006 Tool Sharpener, Tungsten Carbide Abrasive
Our Price: $12.99

The GardenSharp? tool sharpener is designed to sharpen all those single edged, hard to sharpen items in your tool shed, such as lawnmower blades, pruning shears (secateurs), limb loppers, hoes, shovels and scythes. The full-length finger guard protects fingers while the reversible diamond-honed tungsten carbide blade puts your cutting edge in good as new condition. GardenSharp? will not rust and can be cleaned with soap and water or in the dishwasher. Florists, landscapers and gardeners of all kinds need the GardenSharp? tool sharpener. more info
Norton 87750 Utility File Sharpening Stone
Norton 87750 Utility Sharpening Stone, 14 in L, Coarse, Silicone Carbide Abrasive
Our Price: $26.99

Abrasive specialty stones are uniquely designed for specific tools and equipment. From everything to sharpen your lawnmower blade to your garden tools to axe blades to pocket knives and so on, we have a stone to make the job easier. more info